Happiness and Wonder

Here’s a blog that I love. It’s called Three Highlights, and it’s run by a friend of mine. I met Jeff in Yoga as Muse writing retreat, where he taught and led some of the most authentic, amazing writing I’ve ever done.

The idea of three highlights is simple, you just pinpoint those moments of bliss, hilarity, serenity or joy that stand out in any given day, and you post them in a comment to share with everyone. Going through the process of reviewing my days and seeing the parts that really shine is uplifting and often enlightening. And after doing this process a few times, every day feels a little better, because you’re always looking for the highlights you’re going to post.

Do take the time to read everyone’s highlights, because that’s part of the experience. You’ll read everything from reports of cancer in remission to blooming flowers; from a child’s first steps to a coffee klatch with old friends. And in sharing those highlights, you will breathe their joy in as well as your own.

I try to post daily. I don’t always make it. Somedays, I honestly can’t think of three. And on those days, I read everyone else’s posts, because I know I need the smiles.



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