I’m done! Now what?

You can look up keywords, and improve Titles, URLS and on-site SEO across your site. Your images are alt-tagged and named appropriately, your site is optimized to load quickly, and you are done with SEO on your site…. right?


Oh, I’m sorry… *wipes away a tear* Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to laugh like that.

You’re never done.

Not really. 

Beyond being able to crawl every page, and having relevant text on each of those pages, search engines value freshness. They don’t want old news, old information, or old products. They want the latest, most up to date version of the information on your website.

You need a content plan. Many businesses are encouraged by SEO consultants to start blogging. Blogging is one terrific way to get fresh, relevant content onto your site every day. Or at least once a week. (Blogs offer more than just refreshed content though, but I’ll have to get to that in another post.)

If you don’t want to add a blog to your site, then consider the fact that you’ll need to refresh and update existing content, or add pages to your site on a somewhat regluar basis in order to keep the SEO value that you built in your initial sweep.

FAQ pages are a great way to do this. Also article content that you think is worthwhile for current and potential customers. Customer reviews and testimonials are also a great user-generated content area where your clients do the hard work of updating your site for you. 

What’s your ongoing content plan for 2011? What are the keywords your customers search for that you aren’t addressing on your site?


What do you think?

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