Why does everyone say I need a blog?

I mentioned in my last post that blogs have a lot to offer.

First, there is ongoing, relevant content that refreshes your site and makes it interesting. But there are other ways that a blog can benefit a business website (or any website, for that matter). 

A blog can help you use search terms that you wouldn’t normally be able to go after – competitor brands, celebrity names, or trending search topics? These can be incorporated into your blog with a light-hearted and fun approach, and it can really boost your visibility online.

A blog provides an RSS feed to customers. An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is simply a feed that delivers the content you want to deliver as soon as it’s updated. Google has a feed reader, among many others, and the RSS feeds also provide a one-stop-shop for syndicating your blog content to a number of places, including Kindle readers, news widgets, and other websites.

Finally, a blog taps into a very special world. Bloggers are a clan among themselves. They read other blogs, they comment, they form community, and they stand together. Blogs are open to different ways of discovery – a blog can be suggested on blog platforms, or in aggregation places like stumbleupon or technorati.


What do you think?

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