Oh, eggs, you little irregular orbs of versatile protein. I think I’ve said goodbye to you for a good long while.

When my applied kinesiologist said on Tuesday that your absense from my diet might be temporary, I held out hope for you. I figured I’d take a week off from you, and then try again another time.

Of course, I’m no rookie at avoiding allergens, but I’m used to everything in my house being safe for me to eat. So, I didn’t re-read the ingredients on that Udi’s gluten-free pizza crust when I made cinnamon toast out of it for breakfast (pre-run carbs). Stupid eggs.

So, even though it’s only been a few days since I stopped eating eggs, today was the day to sit back and watch for symptoms.

So far, today, in spite of running (which often helps with my food responses, I think speeding up the metabolism shifts how things are processed), I’ve had swollen and painful lymph glands, and the edges of a migraine poking through my thoughts.

Lymph gland swelling? I’ve been dealing with mysterious and sometimes debilitating swelling in my lymph nodes on and off for the better part of a year. They never stay swollen long enough to get a doctor to look at them. The last set of blood tests I got showed funky things that looked like I was fighting off toxins. Go figure.

Migraines? I’ve been staving off the left side of the head migraines with judicious caffiene and extra rest for months. MONTHS now, and had no idea why they were so persistant. No headaches since I cut out eggs, until just now.

So, there’s probably some other stuff that I haven’t noticed yet in this dsyfunctional relationship between me and eggs.

I betcha there’s some inflammation. I can hope it will help me lose weight to rid myself of another thing that was secretly hurting me on the inside.

“Bye-bye, Eggs.” as a teeny Ethan once told his uneaten breakfast.

I’m actually less upset about this than I could be. It is, after all, another piece of the puzzle of my weird metabolism and ailments. Every little bit helps, right?


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