Balancing Motivations

I was looking at my motivations today, and realized something interesting.

I’m motivated to work out (very, very). I’m motivated to eat in a healthy way that gives me plenty of energy and doesn’t make me ill. I’m motivated to write like a madwoman on a novel I started half a month ago and am working toward the climax and finale.

I’m not motivated to log my food, to count calories, or to actively make myself lose weight. I’m not motivated to clean my house more than the bare minimum. And I’m not motivated to start another project.

I chose a photo of a statue of Justice, though this one isn’t blindfolded like she should be. I love her teetering little scales. I love that idea of balancing things on either dish and seeing how they weigh out against one another. I also dig her sword. I imagine using it to slice away the dead weight, concerns that don’t mean anything anymore, or old thought patterns or habits.

So, today, I’m working out my balance.

I’m taking a break – after 15 months of hard work and very little payoff – from actively trying to lose weight. I’m giving myself until February 12 to maintain. I haven’t been gaining, in spite of the fact that I haven’t logged a bite in almost 2 weeks. And I have been making good choices – just not writing them down.

2/12 is 10 weeks before my first duathlon of the season, and I’ll be training heavily from that point on, so it will be important to be aware of my calories.

I’m also going to see – if at all humanly possible – if I can finish my first draft of this whirlwind novel by then. I’ve written 80,000 words since January 15th, so I think that’s a reasonable goal, as well. The plot is getting exciting anyway, so it will be easy to keep moving with it.

I’m going to keep working out – yoga during the week, walking on my commute, and eventually adding back in biking and running as best I can. But that’s not challenging.

Oh, and we’re having someone over for dinner on the 11th, so I guess my house will be clean at that point….

Don’t you sometimes just have to let some things slide and then pick them up again later?


One thought on “Balancing Motivations

  1. It is healthy to let things slide, especially for us type-b, introvert types. If we try to do everything illness and fatigue come, as well as being overwhelmed and then lack of production sets in. Great job on all the writing! I am so impressed. I can't even imagine writing that many words! Someone once said to me, “pick a few things and do them really well.” I think that is a good rule to live by, instead of doing a ton of stuff half-assed. You are really fantastic!

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