One Week Down….

I said I’d start back with logging food and exercise on Feb 12th, and I followed through. There were plenty of obstacles, but I made it happen.

Now, it’s been a week, and with hope gleaming in my eyes, I weighed in to find I’d lost…. nothing. Not 0.1 of a pound. My scale reads the same as it did last week.


I’ve done sprint interval training every other day. I’ve walked every day. I’ve eaten right on target almost every day. And voila! ….. bupkis.

“But weight isn’t everything,” my inner Pollyanna whines, “What about how your clothes fit? Or how much energy you have?”

My clothes fit exactly the same. And I have the same amount of energy.

My inner Pollyanna reminds me that these things take time, that I’ve had a lot going on, that Rome wasn’t built in a day, that I need to have more patience.

I think my inner Pollyanna needs to get a swirly in a public toilet.

But I’m going to keep fighting the good fight… for now.


2 thoughts on “One Week Down….

  1. I so adore your writing style. That swirly comment makes me giggle. Just how does one give a swirly to their inner person?

    At the very least you're eating healthy and getting more fit. Don't forget that stress plays the bad guy in weight loss. You're one awesome chick, so keep on living!

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