My Lumpy Little Life

I’m having an Eeyore kind of day. Not very much went well today.

I lost my wallet on Sunday, and I just realized it this morning.

Then I had to walk a half mile to the station this morning in the pouring rain and got drenched, and had wet feet at work until I had a chance to switch out of my shoes and socks, stuff them with newspaper and put on bright purple and yellow fluffy socks to warm up.

Then Brett drove all the way out to where I’m pretty sure I lost my wallet and didn’t find it.

Then I used a check to buy a massage, because I really needed it.

I was bummed because Brett and I won’t see each other until Thursday because I had a dentist appointment after work today, and a chiropractor appointment after work tomorrow. But when I got to the dentist, I found out my appointment was actually for Thursday. So I rescheduled it so I could still see him Thursday, but we had already missed seeing each other by then anyway.

Work is stressful because we have limited budgets and big dreams and there is the inevitable politics that comes with working with tiny teams pulling in a half-dozen directions.

I’ve pretty much wanted to curl up in a ball and cry all day.

Brett’s incredible act of kindness, the massage, my workout, and my rocking salad at lunch made today bearable. If I hadn’t had that balance, I’d be sobbing in the corner and refusing to talk to anyone for a week.

As it is, I cooked a good dinner with leftovers for on top of my salad tomorrow, and am making my list of crap to replace in my wallet, cards to turn off, etc.

The good news is that no one has used any of the cards, so my bets are that my wallet is in one of the following four situations:

  • in the mail headed home and will get here right when I cancel and replace all of the cards
  • in someone’s purse to return to the office at the apartment complex where they found it but they keep forgetting to drop it off, and the office has such weird hours anyway…
  • in the storm sewer after the monsoon Atlanta got today
  • actually where I asked other people to look for it but they didn’t look carefully enough (because no one looks as carefully as I do), and they just didn’t see it

I should start a betting pool.

Work – it’s still a cool job. The politics are what the politics are. Anything more than 1 person on a team, and there are going to be politics. I’m just trying to navigate them safely, and authentically, and with my head held high, and that’s sometimes tough to do when it’s a LOT of politics, and where I’m sort of in the thick of the contention… *sigh*

The stuff like what’s going on in Japan, and even some of the crap that I’ve gone through in my life really put days like today into perspective though. Yeah, today was lousy. But this is the worst of my problems?

My worst problem is that I can’t access the money in my bank account. My next worst problem is that I don’t get to spend enough time with the guy I love and who loves me. My next worst problem after that is that I can’t lose weight. And my next worst problem after that is that I had wet feet and was chilly most of the day at work.

I have a home, I am not alone, I have friends & family, I have dry shoes and clothes, I have a job, health insurance, and I have money in the bank, I have food to eat, and I have two gym memberships and running shoes on backorder.

In the grand scheme, I’ve got nothing to complain about…..

Wondering about my title? Read this: Sigmund Wollman’s Reality Test
(Warning: it’s a life-changer)


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