What’s your definition of insanity?

I admit it, I spend a lot of time on dictionary.com looking up normal everyday words and checking out their etymology.

Sanity is easy, it means healthy and sound and comes from sanitas, the same Latin root for sanitary and sanitization.

My quest for a healthy body fat percentage has been a great example of my quest for health, and sanity. I take a look around after a few months and say “No, this isn’t working for me!” and move on to another approach.

The most recent approach is that I’ve hired a personal trainer at one of the two places I have gym memberships. I’ve even decided – within some bounds of reason – to follow the diet she’s given me.

I already have a pretty restrictive diet, given my food sensitivities. But this makes those limitations look like I have all the choice in the world. I’ve got 5 meats I can choose from in 6 oz. portions. About 12 veggies. Protein shake for breakfast, and a small apple as a snack.

Now, granted… I’ve tweaked it. That totals about 600 calories per day, which is half of the minimum recommended for women. It might be okay for someone who doesn’t move, but I’ve got heavy duty workouts most days of the week, plus I walk about 10,000 steps a day just in my commute and daily moving around.

I’m not eating under 1200 a day. I’m also not eating such a limited amount of carbs and fat. The brain needs about 40% of calories from carbs and about 20% of calories from fat in order to function properly and generate necessary neurotransmitters. So that’s my minimum. Yes, that means I’m eating about 40% protein.

I am sticking to the spirit if not the letter of the diet plan. No simple carbs or sugar, and the only fruits / veggies I’ve added have been kale and cherries…. so far, because lack of variety will kill me on this before lack of calories does.

I am afraid of repercussions of this diet plan, even while I’m giving it a go.

  • What if I lose only to gain the weight right back?


  • What if it puts my body into starvation mode and slows my metabolism even more?



  • What if ….


I have been saying I’d try anything to lose the weight. It is hypocritical of me to say that and not give this a try. So, here I am, trying something new and seeing if the results are different…..


What do you think?

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