Stillness, revisited

Part of Friday’s Trust30 assignment was to revisit the question we’ve asked of ourselves. In addition to the actual prompt for today (which I am already puzzling over), I’ve also got to revisit the question.

I didn’t ask this question about inadvertent stillness. I was asking when I actually create the time for solitude, stillness, meditation, rumination, and just plain “soaking it all in”. The answer, I believe is “In the margins.” I’m content to be still while everyone is still asleep on Saturday morning, when I’m waiting for the train, riding the train, when I’m sitting at my desk trying to figure out what to do next.

I do a lot of my rumination in motion. One of my new Twitter friends reminded me of this fact. I don’t usually experience strokes of brilliance while I’m running or cycling (there’s usually too much whining, self-encouragement, and deal-making going on when I’m out there doing it “Wah! I want to walk. No, you can do this. Run to that sign, then you can walk to the top of the hill.”) but in the collapsed heap following the motion, I tend to feel things click together.

I’ve been consciously building in time for stillness for a few years now. When I experience a lot of solitude, it’s easy for me to be still. With Brett living here and Ethan here on weekends, that’s more of a challenge than it had been when I lived alone. But I build it into my day. And this works for me.

I do need to take more yoga classes though!


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