Today’s prompt – Who is one person that you’ve been dying to connect with, but just haven’t had the courage to reach out to? First, reflect on why you want to get in touch with them. Then, reach out and set up a meeting.

Today’s prompt spurs nothing but sarcasm from me today.

First, check out the RWE quote it was tied to:

Men imagine that they communicate their virtue or vice only by overt
actions, and do not see that virtue or vice emit a breath every moment. – Ralph
Waldo Emerson

The prompt and the quote don’t match intentions. At all. Ralphie isurging us to embody our true selves, to be authentic in every thought and every action – or inaction – that we do.

That has nothing at all to do with reaching out to someone who intimidates you. Nothing. This quote should be tied to a prompt about authenticity or inautheniticity in our lives. Not about networking.

Pardon me for scoffing, but I believe this author drew his quote out of a hat and slapped it on there at the last minute.

On top of that, I could give a crap about the prompt itself. Who am I afraid to approach? Someone I’m not prepared to approach yet. I want to approach agents about my book, but not til it’s ready to show them.

Maybe I’m just snarky today. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Snarkety-Snark-Snark

  1. Personally, I love snarky. And I've been thinking that most of these prompts are written by guys who look like they skateboard to their office at Starbucks. Now who's snarky? Although, I will say, some of them have allowed me great insights, so while I'm not crazy about the way it's been done in toto, I'm still appreciative.

  2. You're the only person who said that the comment and the question don't match — exactly my gut reaction when I saw it! Thx for pointing it out and saying it!
    As for snarky, go to town with it! You are best being yourself, after all.

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