Updates updates updates.

I’ve got so much to blog, and no time to do it in.

Replacing the irreplaceable

Remember these birds? Did you know I lost the male? I was DEVASTATED, still am. BUT I discovered that they are called Takahashi birds, and I found an online antique jewelry reseller who has a male bluebird in stock. If they weren’t so expensive, I’d become a collector, because they are beautiful, and the story behind them is really cool. Maybe when I’m a rich and famous author, right?

Speaking of authoring

I’m going to do Nanowrimo this year. Hope to have draft 3 of the big novel out of the way by then, and the plan is to focus on the story I’m writing for Brett as our wedding gift. (Our story told in High Fantasy form! Squee!)

Gotta run!

Last but not least, I recently joined Team Endurance Concepts, and have started a training program devised by Coach Anne. I’m training for the USAT Duathlon National Championships in Tuscon AZ next April, with the long goal on the ITU Duathlon World Championships in Nancy, France in September 2012. Not so sure about traveling to France 2 months before the wedding, but we’ll suffer through….


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