Where I’ve been – and where I’ll be

I created this blog as a dynamic way to present my own methodology, understanding and unique approach to SEO. I did it in support of a personal branding effort and a job search. I created the associated Twitter account for the same reason. It worked. I got a job that I love, and I live, breathe, eat and drink Global SEO every day.

I neglect this blog because I got the job.   I live, breathe, eat and drink Global SEO for a well-respected website every single day. The last thing I want to do in my down time is blog some more about it. When I have crazy ideas or see new trends, I share them with coworkers. Also, when I come up with new and exciting stuff, a lot of the time it’s actually my employer’s intellectual property – not my individual way of thinking.

Yep – I’m lazy, but I’m ethical.

Things ahead for the SEO Translator:

I went to SMX East last month, and I got a great amount of thought-fodder while I was there.  I’m going to try to schedule out a few interesting posts about things I’m seeing changing in the landscape, things I’m championing at work, and things I think might happen.

Mostly, this post is just to suggest that you readers shouldn’t expect too much out of this blog unless I get really excited about something and need a soapbox with my name on it….


What do you think?

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