2012 Goal: Be Here, Now

While the 2012 calendar is already fully loaded, I think next year, I’m going to focus on one single goal.

For 2011, the goals were scattered across the map. While I met them, and enjoyed getting there, it does feel sometimes like they work at cross-purposes.

If I accomplish everything that’s already penciled in the calendar next year, I’ll be having a great year. I’ll be fit, I’ll have nurtured my friendships and connections with family, well-traveled and well-rounded.

Because one cannot race at the Duathlon Nationals, get married, hike on the AT, throw a 40th birthday party, serve as Maid of Honor at a wedding, or do any of the other things on our list for 2012 without being fit, connected to family and friends and well-rounded. I’ll need to do well at work to afford much of this, and meet or exceed my goals there. Brett will gain his paramedic certification, and his revised schedule will hopefully make accomplishing all of this easier on us as a family.

So, instead of focusing on the big huge To-Do’s and the items so obviously taking up so much time on my calendar next year, I think I’m going to set a single goal for the year to come: Be Here, Now.

I think slowing down and actually savoring the moment of the here and now is the absolute most important thing I can do in the coming year. I will spend the year grateful for family and friends supporting us, and I will enjoy every minute of this wild ride of a year!


2 thoughts on “2012 Goal: Be Here, Now

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