Looking back on 2011

A year ago, I said that 2011 was going to be a “mental yoga pose” kind of year, one of laying foundations while exploring more freedom. It became much more than that.

What couldn’t I have foreseen when I sent my New Year’s resolutions this year?
• Getting engaged
• Qualifying for Nationals
• Having my brain taken over by fiction

So, some of the resolutions I made this time last year fell a little off track in light of these things.

First, the foundation: paying off credit cards, living within my means and replacing windows and doors in the house.

I have paid off one of two credit cards, lived within my means and postponed the household projects so that I can save up toward the wedding next year.

Then, there were the physical goals: exercising, racing, improving my running speed, biking a century, and logging my food.

I completed the 4 dus and qualified for the National USAT Duathlon championships in the spring! I did work out, and though my 5K time is still not under 30 minutes, I’m actively working on it. I haven’t biked more than 50 miles at a go this year, but I’m okay with that, because I’ve been working on speed rather than endurance. The logging the food fell off the map when I realized I was using it to be unkind to myself.

The balance and freedom, the play that I was so looking forward to: I wanted to go on a real vacation with Brett, to hit the AT with Choir Girl, to see my friend Kara, my family, and throw a party.

The AT obviously happened, and was transformative and galvanizing in a lot of ways. Went on a weekend getaway camping with Brett, but thanks to his work schedule, both of the vacations we planned were kaput. I did get to spend time with Kara, but didn’t get to have a girls weekend with her. I did see my family this year. I didn’t throw a party, but I’m not too worried about that now that I’m planning for the biggest party I’m ever going to throw!

Creativity was the next set of goals. I wanted to make something beautiful and useful with my sewing machine, to finish my writing course, and a full draft of one of my stories. I wanted to keep writing for online publishers, and post to my blogs somewhat regularly.

I did finish that writing course, and I finished not one draft, but three of the story I’ve been working on. I’ve been writing so much it’s mind-boggling this year. I have managed to somewhat keep up with my blog, this one more than the other. And I’m going to use the sewing machine in preparation for the wedding!

The last section of goals for 2011 were about taking time for myself and taking care of myself. I wanted to finish reading my “to be read” pile, I wanted regular yoga classes and massages, I wanted to journal regularly, and to make a habit of taking proper care of myself – from alone time to buying the things I need to feel and look great.

I have made a dent in the TBR pile, but frankly, I refilled it just as quickly as I dented it. My Paperbackswap queue is a guilt-free way to indulge in my desire for new books, and I use it regularly. I haven’t found a yoga class that draws me back, but I sure as heck know when it’s massage day, and I’m one of the first to sign up! I have been writing so much, journaling doesn’t feel necessary, but I do scribble “as needed”. I’ve been better about wardrobe and hair updates. My eyebrows could use a waxing, but I’ve been better about makeup and that sort of stuff too. Just in general, I feel more “put together” this year than I have in a while.


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