Works in Progress

You already know I’m in the final editing stages of my first novel, but that’s sort of a misnomer.  The novel I’m checking for comma splices is not the first novel I’ve written, only the first one I’ve worked on to completion.  I have several others in draft form that could still easily see the light of day.

My novels are a form of therapy. I work through big mental issues through the narrative. When I’m done with angst about a particular topic, the novel shrivels up, the conflict within me is gone, and I have to move on to something else.  Frequently I get derailed when I realize that I need to rework the whole story from the beginning.  That first full rewrite is always the death knell of the stories.   But as I prove to myself that I’m capable of getting past rough draft and into rewrite, I’m more willing to tackle some of those older drafts. The ones that still resonate, the ones I still need the therapy enough to keep writing.

I’m planning on writing teasers of each of my WIPs to see whether there is any interest in my pursuing any particular one before the others.  Expect to see posts about:

  • The sequel to my novel (since it has a cliff-hanger ending!)
  • and then the sequel to that one, it is a trilogy, after all
    • not to mention the spin-off short stories that are set in this world
  • The romping, punny Fantasy (draft has to be done by Nov ’12 because it’s a wedding gift…)
  • The transforming Science-Fantasy (an old NaNo novel that haunts me. I need to finish this one)

There are others – ideas that I scribbled into journals and made notes about. What will inevitably happen is that I’ll sit down to write one thing, and something else will spring to life.  You never can tell!


What do you think?

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