Camp NaNoWriMo

I’ve already mentioned that “pantsing” is only moderately useful and that this is the primary method of writing encouraged over in NaNoWriMo world.  So, you might find it a little odd that I have signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo this June.

Honestly, I’m a little surprised by that myself.

When I signed up, I had intended to have already finished my edits on the “real” novel, have already sent out my first queries to agents, and have had the time to complete my outline for the next project.

Obviously, I haven’t had time for any of those things. Harrumph.

You’ve got to understand. I work full-time, I’m going to a conference on the other side of the country next week for work, and I’m planning a DIY-intensive wedding in November (and Guilder to frame for it), I’m swamped.

Trust me, I know how to prioritize. The bills get paid first, then the cat litter is changed before there’s a minor rebellion in my kitchen.  Then, I figure the rest of this stuff out. I think the problem is that in my mind, I have hours of free time that magically aren’t eaten up by cooking dinner, working out, or sleeping.  Then reality sets in, and I’m prioritizing errands and just trying to stay above water. When I finally do have time, I collapse with a novel and read to unwind (just polished of Yasmine Galenorn’s Night Myst yesterday).

I’m totally cheating on Camp NaNo this June. I am resurrecting a novel I started last fall. It requires a pretty substantial overhaul, but I should be able to get to 30K words overnight, and then outline for the rest of the 20K for NaNo. This project is my wedding gift to the groom, so I really can’t let it slide too much.

I really do need to get my edits done though. Too many projects piling up!


What do you think?

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