Headed to SMX Advanced this week!

I fly to Seattle tomorrow for SMX Advanced and all of the fun it entails.  I’m looking forward to the networking, to the experience, and to hanging out with the rest of the SEO team from my company that is attending.

What I’m hoping to learn about while I’m there:

  • Any traffic impacts sites are seeing since Knowledge Graph implementation
  • Any updates on that May algo tweak where Google has started changing our page titles (I hate that)
  • Tips or tricks for scalable link building in-country for my international site.
  • Anything global-SEO related. How other companies are dealing with the EU cookie law, how Penguin is changing the SERPs internationally. …

What I usually end up doing at these conferences is think of ways I can apply stuff people are discussing to my own work. I think of implementation and next steps, I design tests in my mind. I am bad about live-tweeting and summary blogging because that’s now how I think. It is not what I’m concentrating on when I’m taking my notes.

So, apologies in advance for not providing anything useful to YOU in my notes. And if you’re going, look me up. I’d love to meet you.


What do you think?

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