Back from SMX Advanced

SMX Advanced Run-down

I’m going to be honest. The way I attend conferences has nothing to do with this blog, my Twitter following, or anything else with my personal brand. My employer pays for my trip, so I take notes and go off on tangents in my lists of action items to support my company’s business goals.

I realize that my personal brand as an SEO wonk takes a hit. But, my rep as a good employee and unselfish in-house SEO team member doesn’t suffer.  I’m cool with that.

To capture the true essence of the experience of SMX Advanced, I’m going to recommend this rundown from Gil Reich at Managing Greatness. He did a really good job of capturing both the tone and the meat of the content of the event.   The crowning moment of the final session on the last day was Danny’s “link building” rant, of course, and he actually posted the audio and a much less impassioned article to explain the rant.

I do actually have 2 blog posts’ worth of notes that I want to put out here. Comments and observations that I’d like to make to add to discussions that are already underway. But this is not the forum. So, here’s a picture of SEOMoz’s mascot “Roger” and his Hugs-or-Destroy switch, which I really appreciate in the competitive world of Search.


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