GoodReads Anxiety Attack

I just signed up for Goodreads, and now it’s giving me a headache. I’ve got the widget over there to the right, with the books I’ve read and rated highly. I couldn’t find every book I’ve ever read. I couldn’t even find every book I’ve ever loved.  So it made me feel like I am leaving people out of the mix.

I’ve rated over 250 books since I signed up a few hours ago, and still I’m anxious about missing someone important. Skipping something that’s influenced me.

I’m also highly aware of what I’m posting all over that site, plus my blog, and my Facebook wall. I am okay with people knowing that I’ve read stuff I talk about on here. But what about the hokey self-help stuff? Or the cheesy romance novels (I’m not talking about the good ones, either. Those don’t cause anxiety)?  Do I admit to them publicly? Or do I create a secret shelf that no one else can see?

Got back from Seattle in one piece, by the way, and I was completely enamored. I could live there, if it were a tad sunnier.  Oh, and I’m dreadfully behind on all of my writing projects….. but first things first.


What do you think?

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