My new mission statement

If you haven’t tried Franklin-Covey’s mission statement builder, I highly recommend it. It’s a nice “focusing” tool.
I will listen.  There is an honest, kind, funny voice within me that can guide every word, every interaction, and every decision.  Being alert to this voice and living by it will result in living authentically, in being kind, in deepening relationships with the people who matter most to me in my life.  This voice is the creative spark that I must honor; I must speak my heart’s truth. I will pay attention to those things that I want to grow and flourish.
To help myself listen: I will do yoga, I will write my morning pages, I will go on walks in the woods.  I will slow down, take more breaks, and accept fewer tasks. I will trust my body and its wisdom.  I will spend more time in the sun.  I will clear clutter – physical, mental, emotional.  I will listen to my inner critic, and be mindful of being kind to myself.  I will spend time teaching and learning both at work and in life.  I will write to share my voice, to teach, to show a window into my inner world and to support the things I value and believe in.  I will challenge myself and others. I will be the kind of person who inspires others and teaches by example.
I will honor my authentic Self, and do those things that enable me to hear my own Voice. 

2 thoughts on “My new mission statement

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