Okay…. Now what?

I submitted the completed version of Salvaged to HarperVoyager on 10/3/12.

I couldn’t sleep that night, after clicking “submit”. The journey does not end when the final period ends the last sentence. In fact, I get the very scary feeling that it’s just beginning.

In the real world, my day job is one of creating brand names online. I’m supposed to be an expert (as much as anyone can be an expert at that sort of thing). In my query letter to HarperVoyager, I cited my marketing abilities.

After clicking submit, I realized that this was somewhat idiotic. If I have marketing abilities, why the hell haven’t I used them already? If I technically “know what I’m doing” out here on the interwebs, then what am I doing with a boring blog with no brand?

Wearing my Internet Marketer hat, I’ve taken my Author persona on as a mission. I’m going to see what I can do to build this brand a bit. I’ll keep track of what I’m doing along the way, so other authors have a cheat-sheet of a sort.

I have so many to-dos to make this happen, and to stay on top of my various projects:

  1. First, I think I ought to get married. There are crafts to complete, guest table assignments to arrange, and last minute details to figure out. But this is only top priority until the beginning of November, because then it will be done!
  2. Second, I have come up with a theme for daily posts on this blog – something that might actually get people clicking back to see what I’m going to talk about this time.  Due to priority one, I need to pre-write and schedule a number of these. I’m setting aside a few hours a week to work on this stuff.
  3. Third, I need to keep working on my world. I’ve got the outline for “Crashed”, a prequel of “Salvaged” that should be a short story – a novella at the very longest – from Mistral’s POV.  I’ve got the basics sketched out for “Quarantined”, the sequel to “Salvaged”. I pitched this as a series, so I need to write the series!
  4. Fourth, I don’t want the graphic novel idea to die. I looked at submission guidelines, and as far as collaborating with an artist, she only needs to draw the first 5-6 pages of the story. I want to get the outline done, and those first few pages over to her while I continue working on the full-length script. I can go a little more slowly on that, once I’ve given her everything she needs to start playing with the imagery.
  5. There are other action items that will add to this along the way, but these are the biggies.

Once when I told someone about my life – working full time, writing a novel, and still sketching out time for family, she laughed and said “Please tell me your house is not clean!”  Now I’ve got to pay a little attention to that….


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