Marriage, Missions and Margaret Mitchell

After reading my post on Saturday about shaping my married name to create “better SEO”, you might be wondering why this is even a concern.

 “In a moment of weakness, I’ve written a novel.” – Margaret Mitchell

I’ve not only written a novel, I’ve rewritten, revised and rewritten it.  I’ve submitted it to a publisher.

 If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll be shopping it to agents.   Once it is published, I’m going to have to build the brand, the title, my author name and all of the buzz necessary to market and sell my new book.

As part of my query letter, I added a few notes about my internet marketing experience.  I said that I’d be able to build an audience for this author brand and for the book.  Then I looked at what I had already done. I had a barely-limping author blog, a mediocre Twitter account, but that was it.

I knew without a doubt that I could build this brand name.  I realized that I’d been waiting around for a published book to really spend the time and effort to create it.  This is stupid. If I can prove that I can build my audience without a publishing deal, wouldn’t that make me more attractive to publishers?  If I can build that audience, and if publishers never latch on, then wouldn’t it make indie publication that much easier?

After I thought of all of these reasons why I should be using my own internet marketing skills for myself, I had another realization. What a fascinating case study! I have a non-existent brand for a non-existent book. I have a client willing to do whatever I tell her to do.  I could use all of the best practices, all of the things that internet marketers try to teach their reluctant clients.

So I’m making a project of it.  I’ll take stock as we go along. I’ll document which things I’m doing, how I’m prioritizing, and what I need to do next. I’ll let you know which tactics have the biggest impact.  I’ll use the hashtag #corpsmission if you want to follow along. And I’ll preface blog posts with the term “Corps Mission”.

Because all good projects have deliverables and deadlines, here are a few goal posts:

  • Phase 1 of this project will last through mid-January 2013. The “don’t call us, we’ll call you” window for the publisher to express interest closes at this time. This  is when I will start shopping to agents, and having an audience by then will be crucial.
  • Every Monday from now until January 14, 2013, I will be posting the latest Corps Mission tactics – these are the to-do-list posts.
  • Every Wednesday from now until January 14, 2013, I will post results, accomplishments and updates on previous tactics. These are low-level check-ins
  • Short-term Metrics goals include:
    • 2 followers for every 1 person I’m following on Twitter.  I might need to follow fewer people, because 440 followers seems a little high at this point. Ideally, I’d like the ratio to be 10:1, but 2200 followers is going to have to be a 2013 goal.
    • At least 10 blog readers per day. Right now I average 2 or 3 per day. I also want to add a goal about engagement and comments, but I’ve got to get the horses to water first.
    • At least one of my profiles or links with my author name in the first page of non-personalized search results.
    • Klout score of 60 or higher (for the author account, it is currently 35)


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