Questions: Bagel foreheads

Sometimes my ideas come from questions.

A recent example would be the coverage of the body modification trend in Japan using saline injections to create a bagel shape under the skin of the forehead.

I’ve read it explained that it is pushing bod-mod to new levels, that it’s about experimenting and trying new things.

I’m okay with that as a real-world answer. But what I want to know are the science fiction applications of this.  Here are the fantastical, speculative, crazy questions that spun through my mind beyond “the aliens made them do it” mentioned in some of the coverage.

  • What if it opens the third eye? If creating this shape on one’s forehead changes energies in a way to enhance psychic powers?
  • What if it is to support a unicorn horn? Or horns of some other sort? What purpose would they serve? Are they magical?

What questions – crazy fictional questions – do these things make you wonder?



What do you think?

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