Yoga as a writing muse

I got all deep yesterday, so I might as well run with it, right?

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to go to upstate New York for a retreat. Brett, the ever-witty, quipped that it was the “Bend over and Write” retreat.  It’s real name is the Journey from the Center to the Page, and it’s Jeffrey Davis‘s concept of using yoga as a muse for writing.

I asked yesterday how we create space to be able to write.  Jeff’s process is one of the things I do to really dig down deep.

As artists, we are tasked with creating things that speak our individual truths. However, it isn’t always easy to know our deepest truths. It isn’t a simple matter to lay bare our souls.  Sometimes, we need a little centering, a little breathing, and a little movement to peel back that crusty top layer of persona and show something real and vital underneath.

In addition to yoga, I come up with ideas while running, walking, and cycling. These can be dangerous – because then I have to stop and text myself the thoughts that bubble up while I’m moving.

Pro-tip: Best place for a pedestrian to randomly stop and text something is at a bus stop!  No one will think you’re wacky, and you’ll look like a local.


One thought on “Yoga as a writing muse

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