Corps Mission: Basic Salvage

The book I’ve written is a dystopian science fiction novel. The quasi- military group running the place is called “the Corps.” Each Corps Unit is in charge of various parts of keeping things afloat.

The first thing I need to do to build this brand from scratch is take an inventory of what we have, and find out where I can get the other things I need. For this, I’ll use the Corps Unit called Basic Salvage. They raid warehouses, identify necessary factories, and keep the “stuff” necessary for the Corps to run smoothly.

What do I already have in my Inventory?

ASSET:  AK Anderson’s author blog

It’s there, but it’s not ideal.  As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, I’ve just come up with a content plan for daily updates that might be remotely interesting to the internet world. I’ve pre-planned and pre-scheduled several of these posts, and have set aside time to work on them each week going forward.

That being said, it’s still pretty boring.   There are no images. The template is bare-bones. There  are no comments at all on posts, except follow-up notes that I added on my own.


  • Updated template with custom design and background
  • Images in blog posts
  • At least one PDF freebie story so people know that you can write more than a blog (what about a 2 part story or a 1st and second of a series – first is free, possible to make second one gated – have to follow me on Twitter and I’ll DM you a password? hmmmm)

ASSET:   AK Anderson’s Twitter feed

Moderately better than the blog. It’s there. At least I’ve done something with the design.  But I haven’t grown an audience, I have no one waiting with baited breath for my novel to come out. I don’t have anyone talking to me, let alone about me.


  • Permanently disable that auto-tweet crap from goodreads
  • Following to Follower ratio is not good. Need more followers.  (SEO blog Corps Mission – will this help? Try to tweet a Follow Friday from both other Twitter accounts.  What about switching personal account over to Anderson? Almost 600 followers there, but not a relevant or engaged audience. Hmmm)
  • Need to engage in more conversations, as well
  • Tweet more images
  • Tweet more often

Assess Immediate needs

That’s it? *Looks at tumbleweeds blowing through dusty warehouse.* That’s all I’ve got?

In addition to the needs outlined above for correcting the patterns of existing assets, I have a few more things I need to do…

Quick wins:

  • Carefully put Corps Mission information on LinkedIn and see if that gets any interest
  • Clearly link to all social pages from blog
  • Start engaging on all social pages

What do you think?

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