#CorpsMission Check-in: Goals and Revisions

When I started my mission, I had 81 followers on the AK Anderson account. Now I have more than 120!  This is primarily because one blog post was retweeted by the author Neil Gaiman.

Tweet from AK Anderson with all of the right elements

I want to point out the things that are RIGHT about this tweet, and how it is at least a little bit repeatable.

First, it asks a provocative question – one that people want to answer and engage about.

Second, it says thank you to the person I’m including in the post.

And third, it includes a link to the blog associated to let people comment there and read those posts as well.

Not only did 21 people favorite the tweet, retweet it, but many followed me after that. More conversed with me – telling me the answer to their first favorite books.

The blog got 965 page views that day (highest previous day to date had been 25 PV).

But this is short-term growth. Those followers will stick around, they will keep talking with me, but the blog is back down to 4-6 clicks a day.  I’ve prescheduled posts, I’ve prescheduled tweets. I’ve ensured that it’s updating every day, but it’s still shouting into the abyss.

Then I read this post about author promotion, and I think I’m still on track. I’m trying to get my AK Anderson name out there enough to compete with the town Anderson, Alaska.  I’m trying to be sure that if people Google my author name that they can actually find me. I’m not trying to sell anything. I’m trying to surface what is essentially a new brand.


What do you think?

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