New Development: Twitching Left Eyelid

Maybe I should see if one of my gif-savvy friends can catch video of my left eyelid doing its little herky-jerky dance. It is a stress-induced thing.

How do I know it’s stress-induced?  Wake up in morning: no twitch. Eat breakfast: no twitch. Read email and think about today’s to-do list: Twitchy McTwitcherson.  There’s a correlation.

In eleven days, I will be getting married. This is not the drive-through Elvis Vegas kind of wedding, either.  This is a full-on family-flying-into-town affair.

I’m not worried about the end result: I think it’s going to be a great party, and I think I’m marrying the best possible match for me.  What I’m worried about is all of the in-between stuff. I mean, I haven’t even ordered the alcohol yet!

I think I should stress out a character enough to give them a twitching eyelid. I think I should describe it in annoying detail when I do. The fluttering of my lashes, obscuring my vision on the left eye. The annoying feeling of my eyelid doing something of its own accord, instead of me being able to tell it what to do. The sensation of electrical misfires happening in so tender an area as one’s eyelid.

Do you have stress tics? Do any of your characters?


One thought on “New Development: Twitching Left Eyelid

  1. weird, I’ve had a twitching eye-lid (right side) all last week – also a few dizzy spells – I’m putting it down to chaos and fatigue. Tomorrow I have surgery on my right leg, perhaps it will sort it out (in a wholistic sense). Meanwhile I am staying in bed today in case anything else twitches, I want to be ready.

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