Blah blah blah

I have a list of things to post blogs about. I have an editorial calendar. I have this whole big content plan created.  It includes pictures of things that I want to share. It includes notes about what gets shared on Facebook, and which items go on Pinterest. I’m serious about this y’all.

The plan was to write all of the blog posts through today and pre-schedule them. But I only got them up through Saturday, and I didn’t get them scheduled. So I’ve had to write the past few posts completely off-the-cuff. Without a plan. Without a goal. Just blah blah blah.

This is not the time of my life that I need to rely on myself for this sort of work. I really should have blog posts scheduled through about November 7th or so. Well after the wedding, when I’ll have a brain again. Tonight I’m supposed to work on thank you notes, escort cards, oh, and schedule the next 12 blog posts for next week and past the wedding….


I think we’re all going to be lucky if I make to to November 3rd without setting my hair on fire.


What do you think?

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