Corps Check-in:

Happy Wednesday!

This is going to be a pretty cut and dry check in for my Corps Mission, because I’m worn pretty thin in terms of time and brainspace this week and next.   So based on all of the action items and goals I’ve already stated, here’s where I stand:

Tracking Against Overall Project Goals through January:

  • On track with quantity and regularity of blog posts – both blogs
  • Up to about 120 followers from 80 since the beginning of this process, 422 is still a long way off for a 2:1 ratio
  • Blog readers have gone up, but the average is still below 10 visits per day. I’ve actually had a few comments, too!
  • As of this morning my “incognito” search (to try to strip personalization from the results) showed the AK Anderson blog in the lower half of the Google search results for the term “AK Anderson” and my picture appears among the image call-outs. This was a big goal for this project! Will let you know as I see other ranking signals.
  • Klout score went up from 35 to 43 for AK Anderson (average is 40, goal is 60+)


Tracking against Action Items Identified in Earlier Posts:

  • I’ve quietly mentioned this mission on LinkedIn, and it got a little bit of interest. I will do updates when I have good ideas to share.
  • I’ve added an image to the header of the blog, but it’s still pretty boring.
  • I have been adding images to blog posts, and that makes the experience much more interesting. I will continue doing that.  I’ve also started adding the images that are truly mine to twitpic and adding them to the related tweets. My goal is to have at least 6 images that are related some way to my topic area in the little image gallery on Twitter.
  • I have been working on a few bits of fiction, but a free PDF story is going to have to wait until after the wedding.
  • I have ensured that goodreads will not auto-tweet the books I’ve read.


Still more to do, naturally. But I think it’s a reasonable start, particularly since the blog page is showing up in Google. That’s the biggest win so far!


What do you think?

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