Have a little fun with it

We pose like superheroes outside of the City Hall of Justice

The first time we drove past the city hall in Suwanee, Georgia, Brett and I noticed that it was vaguely familiar looking. Then, as we drove past it every weekend for the kidlet’s soccer games, we realized.

“That’s the Hall of Justice.”


“The city hall. It’s the Hall of Justice. Suwanee hired a Superfriends-fanatic architect.”

“Then let’s stop and get a picture.”

So, we did.  Ethan took this photo of us – capturing the city hall and us doing our very best superhero poses (which is tough to do, when you’re not in costume).

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice Captain Chaos and The Librarian wait to hear from the  Superfriends on Mars…..


What do you think?

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