How do you stick to your writing goals?

I’m asking how you stick to your writing goals, because I’m obviously struggling with mine.  I’ve missed two days of my supposed-to-be-daily blog entries, and I’m falling behind on a few other goals as well.

Now, to be fair, I’ve got a lot on my plate. I’m getting married in less than a week. I am not sure whether I’m the only bride whose wedding-prep to do list includes “Pre-schedule blog posts through the wedding weekend!”  and I’m pretty sure that this is some indication of mental illness.  But my blog’s not getting married. My twitter feed isn’t going to update itself. I need to actually keep things moving so that it doesn’t die in the water, never to be picked up again.

So I’m asking you – how do you stick to your writing goals?

Do you cut yourself a little bit of slack when life gets in the way? Or do you, like me, see that life seems to be in the way all of the time, and it’s not a valid excuse anymore?

Do you establish a routine? Do you write at the same time every day, for the same amount of time?

I know there are a number of people gearing up for NaNoWriMo, and they will set a word count goal for each day. Is that how you do it?

What are your tricks? Your tips? Your best ideas?



3 thoughts on “How do you stick to your writing goals?

  1. I set a writing goal for my novel but I definitely don’t write every day because like you said–life gets in the way! I usually try to “catch-up” when I do write, so if I have a 1k/day goal, I catch up for any day I miss by doing 2k the day after I miss. That doesn’t ALWAYS work but it’s one way. I also set short term and long term goals; I want my WIP to be 80k by Dec 1, so I do the math of how much a day that is.

    When I miss, I don’t freak out because that makes it worse and not the enjoyable process it’s supposed to be. I do know that writing everyday makes it easier! A lot of people try to schedule a daily time, but I am really not organized enough for that.

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