Corps Mission: Field Ops

Field Ops is the tactical Unit of the Corps. They are the hands and feet and brains on the ground doing the dirty work on a daily basis.

Remember when the Basic-Salv mission came back with a bunch of needs?

So Field Ops is the unit responsible for going out and finding more tactics, more opportunities for growth.

I’ve realized, that as bright as I am about SEO at the office, I’ve been sort of idiotic about it with this project. I haven’t done a darned bit of keyword analysis, Google trends work, or anything with regards to my blog posts. I’ve just been shoving content out onto the blog as it occurs to me, like a complete n00b.

That’s got to stop.

I also haven’t been using twitter lists, influencer marketing or any of the other tricks I use every day at work to gain attention online.

So, here’s the new punchlist, sprout!

  • keyword research for content planning on AK Anderson blog
  • revisit AK blog and tweet old author “on the shelf” posts to engaged twitter authors like Sanderson
  • Link to FB, Pinterest, and G+ prominently on the blog (closing the loop with social signals)
  • Do some influencer research in my areas, and create twitter lists, tweet about things that interest the key people you want to catch the eye of
  • Move some of the people I follow on Twitter into lists and out of feed
  • Create strategy for Facebook – those get high CTR, but little follow-up, and you don’t want to crowd people’s feeds

I feel like a drill sergeant.  This is basic strategy, people! 



What do you think?

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