Dying of Anticip…..ation.


The photo above makes me laugh every time I see it. There’s the exhilaration of free-fall, all of the memories of that skydiving trip, those parts are happy memories. The real reason why this photo cracks me up is because I forgot that I was supposed to have my mouth shut. I forgot that I’d take too much air in if I grinned like an idiot in free-fall.  My face is basically being used as a wind-sock, and I’m absolutely delighted!  This photo is saved on my computer under the file name “Happy chipmunk” because that’s the face I see when I look at myself in this shot.

The reason why I’m sharing the happy chipmunk face with you today is because I’m sure I’m making a very similar face through the wedding rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, all of those last minute details and to-dos. Tomorrow, I’ll be getting married. Today, today I’ve probably got that drop in the pit of my stomach where I’m looking out the open side of an airplane and considering whether I’m really going to do this or not.

Luckily, just like my skydive, tomorrow’s leap into the wild unknown is a tandem dive. Maybe I’ll have to remind Brett to push me when we get to the threshold.



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