My Top 5 Science Fiction Couples

“Embarking on this wonderful, as yet uncharted path, be mindful of refocusing your attention from the goal of forever to the realm of the possible in each moment.  Let your minds sink into this infinite spaciousness, the spiraling universe of your true selves.  As a symbol of the infinite spaciousness that is love, I invite you to exchange rings and declare your love.”

The above is the ring-exchange portion from our wedding ceremony yesterday. I thought it was a fitting intro to another  pre-scheduled post. (Come on, you don’t expect me to blog on the day after my wedding, do you?)

Here are my criteria for my top Five favorite Science Fiction couples list

  •  This is sci-fi, not fantasy (that was yesterday’s post!)
  • I don’t like the on-again, off-again love-hate relationships.  Yes, they are fantastic drama.  But I am actually looking at these as healthy relationships as they exist in their own worlds.  Drama is fun to watch and read, but it’s not good to live in real life!  (Purists will tell you that Han and Leia get a lot healthier if you read the books, but their rocky start DQs the most recognizable Sci-Fi couple.)
  • Just like yesterday, I’m avoiding love triangles (Katniss does not belong on this list).
  • And, just like yesterday, I don’t like the relationships with a century+ of age difference (thus ruling out the Doctor and River Song, even with a regeneration loophole).

#5  – Admiral Adama and President Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)

They’d be higher in the list if they could have consummated and lived out their romance.  As leaders, they couldn’t act on their love. When they stepped down, the President was already dying of cancer. Yes, he was devoted to her through the end of the series, but this one was a love affair that never met its whole potential

#4  – Richard Collier and Elise McKenna (Somewhere in Time)

Another love affair that doesn’t get to meet its full potential.  I do prefer this over the Time Traveler’s Wife – if I have to pick on time-traveling lovers. I think the only movie that makes me cry harder than this one is Whale Rider. But in their brief shining moment in the sun, their love was grand. (Think about the quote from my ceremony above – that love is also infinite, even if the players do not get to continue seeing one another over the years.)

#3  –  Neo and Trinity (The Matrix)

It was down-played, and it was cheapened into quick sex scenes, but in the end, it’s Trinity’s belief in Neo, and her love for him, that are a huge part of all of the movies. I haven’t re-watched the third one enough to build on this thought coherently. Hmm. Maybe I should do that this afternoon?

#2  –  Fred Kwan and Laliari (GalaxyQuest)

When I told Brett that this couple made my top 5, his response was “If I weren’t already marrying you, I would so marry you for that.” I love the kooky comedic relief of this alien/actor combination. This makes me smile, that’s all.

#1   – Wash and Zoë (Firefly)

When we take “which Firefly character are you?” quizzes, Brett and I both come up as Wash and Zoë. (We also come up as Tom Paris and Bellana, which in my mind is a VERY similar couple). Brett’s the silly one, the playful one. The one who would have plastic dinosaurs.  He frequently makes me lighten up and take myself (and life) a lot less seriously.  I tend to be the do-er, the organizer, the planner. I’m the one who makes the plan and executes it. I sometimes lose my sense of humor.   As a couple, Wash and Zoë are equals, they are well-rounded characters, and they love one another completely, in each their own very unique ways.

[Zoë has brought money to buy back Mal and Wash from Niska]
Niska: I think this is not enough. Not enough for two. But sufficient, perhaps, for one. Ah, you now hav…
Zoë: [points at Wash] Him.
Zoë: I’m sorry, you were going to ask me to choose, right? Do you wanna finish?


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