Corps Mission: Cultural Salvage

Cult-Salv is one of my favorite Units in the Corps. The protagonist of Salvaged, Careen Emerson, eventually ends up assigned to Cult-Salv.  Their job is to preserve cultural artifacts, to ensure that the lessons of the past are not lost. They are the historians, the artists, the librarians and the recorders of the Corps.

My Cult-Salv Mission for the AK Anderson brand mission is to document more of the creative process. Exposing the inner world is the risk an artist must take.

Because I’m talking about art, of course, I’m talking about Pinterest!

AK Anderson’s pinterest account should have boards for:

  • Salvaged – images that remind me of scenes or characters
  • The Crash series – thoughts, images, characters for the whole series, stuff for subsequent books
  • Being a writer – stuff about books, useful things
  • Maaneshin – the graphic novel project and things that work for that
  • WIP – Other books and stories in the works
  • General geekery (just stuff I find cool, funny, interesting)
  • Other people’s stories (other authors I follow and want to repin, books I’ve read and loved)

At the very onset, these boards should include

  • At least one pin from my author blog per board
  • At least one re-pin per board
  • At least one pin from the rest of the internet

Ongoing maintenance:

  • Even if no time to comment, browse or repin, pin one thing from either my own blog or the internet onto at least one board per day – this keeps creating new content that’s fresh to Pinterest (which gets repinned more frequently) , it keeps the profile on the browsing / discovery boards
  • Be sure to use keywords people will look for in the descriptions (hashtags AND simple text search – and also use keywords for my own terms, characters and titles!)
  • At least once a week, go find new people to follow and boards to watch.  Comment and repin. Be a member of the community.

Next steps

  • Ping Influencers to follow you or repin you – Send notes to the geek girls you know, repin and comment on posts by others. Targets include: other authors, bloggers.
  • Celebrity influencers: Felicia Day, Jenn at Epbot… etc.

What do you think?

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