Election Day and Dystopian Fiction

I have to laugh at the irony.

In my public persona – on Facebook, in water cooler conversations at work – I try to stay as apolitical as possible. I have my views and I strongly hold them, but I don’t generally care to talk about them.

This is ironic because I write about them, and seek to get them published.  You can’t really write a dystopic novel about where we’re headed if we take the “wrong path”, unless you identify clearly which path is so wrong you need to write about it.   Dystopian fiction is almost always guilty of the slippery slope fallacy of logical reasoning. If this happens, then that will, and then it will cascade into this NIGHTMARE I’ve decided to write about. But, well, that’s part of the fun.

I’m happy to report that my dystopia in “Salvaged” could still exist no matter who wins today’s presidential election.  I only touch lightly on the politics in this novel.  I use a feather-light touch in the sequel.  They will be more heavily involved around book three or so, when our heroes try to deal with the rest of the world.

I recommend voting – citizens don’t get to do that everywhere. I recommend participating in the process.  I also recommend using your imagination in two ways: one with the slippery slope reasoning that will lead to great science fiction; and again with a little bit of perspective and realism.  We’ve all lived through a number of elections. We’ve all seen presidents come and go, and have our day to day lives really change due to this president or that? Not really.


What do you think?

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