Mission check-in

It took my weekly Wednesday conference call to remind me that I hadn’t posted an update!  Yikes – guess getting married last weekend took a lot out of me.

Things are humming along, on the overall marketing plan.

I’ve got over 30 likes on Facebook (so I can actually see insights on the account) and my blog appears somewhere on page one for AK Anderson searches even in the incognito mode and people who’ve never visited the website.  My Twitter following is still limping along (gain one, lose two) and even though I cleared out about 50 of the people I had been following, I’m still not able to grow a bigger base.   I am almost always logged into my personal gmail account, so getting onto Google+ is a bit more of a pain, therefore I’m less able to keep up with it.

As I said before – I am not looking to “sell” anything from the AK Anderson posts, I just want to be in Google results when I do have something to Google. I want to have my online footprints established. Frankly, I do. I’ve done that. I’m findable and consistent.

So, now it’s just a playground. An experiment. I think I want to try to do something with this.  Check out this sample of an interactive image.  This is something I can get into…..


2 thoughts on “Mission check-in

  1. You might want to check back in over here from time to time. I’ve done quite a lot of what I set out to do already. This is my “day job” after all. 😉

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