Same stuff, different day

I’m supposed to be pre-planning my posts at this point. I have an editorial calendar and whatnot. I did keyword research. The problem with all of that is that it’s on my “do this Wednesday night” list, and there’s no post ready for Wednesday morning.

So, in case you’ve ever wondered about the difference between my funny, long, thought-out posts vs. these short, stupid rambling ones that don’t seem to have a point. That’s the reason.  I didn’t pre-schedule up through Wednesday, and I need to post every day.  Tonight, I’ll be preparing new, fresh, fun content for all of us.

I'm an adult now!

Here’s a picture of Brett flashing his “adult card”. (He’s going to hate me for posting this because it’s 2-3 years old and he’s lost weight since then. Oh well, it’s still a funny, cute picture.)

We got our USAT membership cards in the mail, and they say ADULT in really large letters. I opened mine up and shouted “Finally!”

So, this is Brett’s “I’m an adult now!” face. We were very happy to have proof that we are, indeed grown-ups.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

I am posting this because (a) it makes me giggle, and (b) that’s sort of what I’m doing with the whole “married” thing these past few days. I’m married. Huh. I don’t feel any different.

I need more proof. A card in the mail. I guess when I start changing my name officially, I will see more proof than I have up until this point.


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