A Whole New Adventure

Dad helping son on ropes at Stone Mountain

In case you couldn’t tell by the skydiving photo, I like to go on adventures.  I like to stretch my limits.

Above is a photo I took the first time we went to the ropes course at Stone Mountain. We were scared to do it, but we did it.  Each time we mastered an obstacle, we would gain skills and confidence we’d need to handle the later ones.  I like this image – of Brett helping his son – because it’s such a nice metaphor.   The ropes course is perfectly safe. You’re strapped in, and locked into a cage. The fear is all mental. It’s all in the height. In the wobbliness of the platforms, in the mental wobbliness along the way.   In reality, there’s no way you could get hurt. There is nothing to be afraid of.

This is writing. This is life. This is everything I’ve ever experienced. Without feeling a little wobbly – without putting myself out there to try new things – I would never feel confident enough to try other new things.

The reason why I felt confident walking down the aisle on my wedding day in 5-inch high heels was because I took a Go-Go Stillettos dance class and I knew I could freaking dance in 5-inch heels! (And look sexy doing it!)

The reason I felt confident enough to walk into that dance class is because I felt confident enough to walk into a jazz dance class once in college, and the professor told me I had good rhythm.

The reason I felt confident enough to do that….  and the list goes on. The way forward is only through our own experience, and we have to truly experience life in order to move forward.

When people tell you to write what you know, they aren’t telling you to write about commutes and boring drudging workdays. They’re telling you to know more.

Go. Do. See.

Then write about it.


What do you think?

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