A Note on Geek Wedding Gifts

a proper geek wedding giftFor the “His and hers” portion of a geek wedding gift, be sure to know who the tea drinker really is.

Everyone knows that a Death Star tea infuser should really only be used in a Sith mug. This is elementary.

However, this set also came with a TARDIS mug (with a lid!) that might have to come to work with me.   I am the tea-drinker in our household.

I’m faced with one of those ultimate nerd questions. Does it defy some sort of interstellar law to use a Death Star teaball in a TARDIS mug? Some geeks say no – that the universes are far enough separated that it will not cause a cosmic cataclysm.  Other geeks say simply “Don’t cross the streams!”

I’m still not sure.

We will have to see.

I’m still endlessly amused that the same brilliant gift-givers also gave me a commander’s com-badge, and Brett (in honor of his making paramedic) a medic’s. He can now say “Damn it, I’m a medic not a bricklayer” (or something like that).




What do you think?

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