Random poem for you: Eagle Lessons

Eagle Lessons
by AK Anderson in 2005

It began in such a low, grey reality – like an endless overcast sky
My days were blue-less, free from grace
Once bowed, I could only take to above


Learn to rise from rocky edge with gleaming eyes
Inevitable as the dawn, I will see pure openness

The eagle calls me to my lesson
I will seem lost while I shift my whole sky
Give until I reach the brink of self
I’ll seem ever so real hereafter,

Someone else
I flew…. I fled….
Still I soar.
Our great quest is in the western sky
“All eagles explore,” she explains
Her grey eyes open.

I already understand the sunrise.
I may be a fool to fly, impatient of the safety lessons

But I had lost the tides of pleasure …
Now I cast silver spells like moonlight on my overgrown gardens
Filled and shining – I am an emerging star against the sleepless sky
I had to do this – my ecstatic escape
My lessons only ensured that I‘d be Free
Now as we explore, the eagle teaches
There is no reason to leave the sky when it rains
Still unsure, I feel the swelling in my chest
I know that though I fly alone
If I need the short touch of the familiar
I will always have the East.

Screams the eagle:
Dream to be


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