Revisiting Quarantine Protocols

When I first started on Twitter, I had lumped together all of my disparate reasons for tweeting into one massive account. That account had everything covered at once, and vast swaths of the people I was tweeting to cared less about my other parts of life.

A few weeks ago, when I wrote the post about Quarantine – and about that personal vs. professional line – I had come down on the side that I needed to keep those profiles separate.

I continue to think about this, and debate it. Is it sustainable? (At least one of my Twitter profiles languishes at any given time…. not to mention pinterest or Google plus.)  Is it reasonable?  Most of all, is it authentic?

Most social media folks will tell you that you need to be yourself – the whole person – on Twitter and in social in general. So, I face this question once again in my own work.

Let’s pie-in-the-sky this. My ideal is to someday be able to write fiction full-time. At that point, I want to be able to be wholly me from my author profile name. I will want to be authentic.  I’ll want to be able to manage it with ease.   So, I can see the day when the Q-lines come down and my online personae merge, at least to some extent.

This blog and persona here at SEO translator is only meant to serve as a resume for a day job that I need (and enjoy) but that ultimately is a career I want to leave. It will expire when I’m done with that career path.  So I can leave this one going for a while as a separate platform. However, the real me – my own personal blog  – that one has no reason to exist except that my mom likes to read it from time to time. It is my e-newsletter. The AK Anderson blog could easily support that weight.

I also think the lilifx twitter handle could easily be absorbed into the AK Anderson world.

Ok, the Q-lines are coming down. At least in this one place.  This week, I’m going to import my blogspot blog over to AK Anderson, and I’m going to start dismantling the Twitter account.

Ever wonder how to do that? I’ve done it before. Here’s the list:

  1. Announce to followers what’s up.
  2. Update profile with information about what’s up.
  3. Move lists (if applicable)
  4. Using new (target) profile, DM or @-message active followers on the old (dismantling) account and say “I’m over here now!”
  5. Immediately, follow them from the target profile (This gives them 2 ways to find the new profile easily, and the individual message shows that you care that they travel with you)
  6. Make the profiles match visually
  7. For next few weeks, tweet once a week with urge to move to new account
  8. Reduce these to monthly tweets for 2-3 months
  9. Repeat step 4
  10. Leave a note stating where people can find you
  11. Leave the account up in your own name for as long as Twitter lets you.

What do you think?

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