Mission Check-in

After I decided to move from three twitter/blog pairings down to two, things simplified a great deal. It took most of the weekend to import the 200 or so posts from my old blog into the wordpress one, but I’m almost done with all of the housekeeping that follows from that.

Housekeeping includes deleting a lot of posts that were just link-space for my online articles. I am not trying to drive to those anymore, and there’s no real reason for me to continue maintaining them. It also meant making sure that existing internal crosslinks between the blog posts are accurate and updated. (so linking from within the wordpress blog rather than back to blogger).

I need to check on formatting quirks and that sort of stuff (many of my photos imported without wraparound), but for the most part, the content is there.  I’ve started the dismantling process of the old personal twitter account, and have had about 15 people swap from one account over to the other. A lot of the people following me on the personal account are follow-backs, so I can just follow them to get them to swap over.   Many of them I’m fine with releasing back into the wild as followers.

Because I’m merging the personal with the author profiles, I was able to do the same thing on Klout, and my 42 jumped to 62 – which was the goal from the original mission.  So, that’s pretty cool.  That means that 2 of my 4 short-term metric goals have been met. I still need to bolster my Twitter following, but I can focus on that now that I’m down by one account.

I need to get more visitors to my blog per day, because right now, they are pretty low. I’ve found that I get the most CTR “bang” out of Facebook shares, but it’s the same 30 or so people, and they all know and love me, so I’m not really expanding my audience unless they click “share”.

Up next – do I merge Pinterest accounts as well?…. I’m thinking YES.



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