Write what I Love

I’m going to touch on another “sweet spot” today. Instead of fear, today I’m going to talk about how I write what I love.

I’m gazing at my mind-map and the bubble marked “I love….”  I’m going to list here the things that I love that are included in Salvaged, and how my love for these things matters to the plot.

I love feeding other people. I love riding my bike and wind in my face. I love roadtrips and highways. I love sanctuaries and hiding places. I love the woods. and I love my house, nature, thunderstorms, the stars.

Salvaged is a dystopia, it’s way more about fear and hate and conflict than it is about the things that anyone loves. But there are glimpses of my loves. Careen, the protagonist, cooks for other people. Though it is not blatantly stated (it might be in book two), the fact that she loves to feed other people is something that she and I share in common. It’s how I reach her in my mind, how I relate to her on a gut level. Characters are extensions of self, but they are also their own people. As an author, I need to be able to reach into her and draw her out. This one thing that we have in common, this is something that  I use to tap into who she is.

You also find glimpses of sanctuaries, and certainly road trips and highways. But mostly, I like to use the things I love to define my characters in some tangible way.

What do you love? How can you use it in your work?



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