V for Vanity

This is silly. There was once a sign hung, with double-sided tape, on the paper towel thing in the ladies’ room at work. When the purpose for the sign was past, someone unceremoniously yanked the sign down, leaving residue of paper and cardboard still stuck to the paper towel thing.  In a perfect V shape.

Every day for the past two weeks, when I’ve gone to the bathroom at work, I’ve seen a bright “V” glaring back at me as I enter the room, and as I wash my hands.

Every day for the past two weeks, I’ve imagined V from V for Vendetta marking that spot with his mark. (Don’t worry, had the mark been a Z, I’d have totally thought of Zorro.) In a corporate washroom, this is a hilarious and mind-bending thought.  What would an anarchist want with a corporation? He was fighting the fascist government that had created him. Why would he care about my workplace?

Nothing like a weird literary reference in the restroom to make you take a second glance at your coworkers, let me tell you.



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