Checking in: Two Google Plus Profiles!

This week, I killed the old personal blog, and the new blog is almost completely updated. There are still some wonky formatting issues with the imported posts, but I can address those bit by bit. At least everything is there, it’s legible, and there are no broken links pointing back to the old blog.

I also killed the AK Pinterest account and merged it over into my original Pinterest account. I did this because it aligns with my strategy of showing people the “whole person” in an honest and authentic way.  That account only had 6 followers, so I didn’t feel badly about deleting the username completely. I did copy my board concepts, key repins and follow the people I’d discovered on that account.  I also updated my name on the new official one.

While authenticity is nice and all, I still have to go back to that same concern I initially had about quarantine.   In some forums – like Twitter and Pinterest – it is useful to have a well-rounded human being approachability.  They are discovery tools, and they are a little bit less personal than say, Facebook.  Facebook “gets” this, and allows users to have both a personal profile and a public page. I appreciate this, and I like that there’s a distinction. I might post stuff on my personal wall that I wouldn’t want to post publicly.

Then, there’s Google Plus. I finally got around to updating my G+ accounts, and I learned a few new things about those profiles:

  • As a recently married chick, I learned that Google limits the number of times you can change your name (The notification pop-up explains “Because people change their name very seldom in the real world”).  I found that to be fascinating. It adds to the idea that they want to tie real people’s real names with their real online presence using G+.
  • Google doesn’t say much about it, but you can have two G+ profiles under 2 different names. The trick is to have 2 gmail accounts.  Here’s how I got there:
    • I created a spare gmail in order to use Twitter under 2 handles, and I link them back with autoforwarding and permissions to my main account (that’s probably important).
    • I also access both accounts from my home laptop (cookies!).
    • I created the two G+ profiles separately, logged in as each individual account.
    • I was trying to figure out how to deal with my “public persona” G+ account and my more established personal G+ profile – should I merge them? I really liked having those two pages separated (because like Facebook, there are things I’d wish to share on one, but not the other).  As I hovered over the settings gear icon, I spotted a link for “merge” accounts.  Voilà. Holy cow.
    • Now I can log into both G+ accounts, swap between them with on a single login with a simple drop down (in the same place as the logout option).

This intrigues me, and I’d like to know if any other G+ users have tried it. I think it’s fascinating that Google wants to make you be as “YOU” as possible by limiting how often you’ll change your name, but they don’t mind a separate profile for a pen name…

Anyone have experience or insights on this? Would love to talk about it with folks!


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