Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It would be my favorite by default. There are no gifts to be purchased or wrapped. There are no noisy fireworks and gunshots to make my dog crazy. There are no costume decisions to be made. It’s just a holiday to see family, wear warm clothes, eat comfort food, and appreciate what we have.

I’m not wild about the pilgrims and “indians” portion of the holiday tradition. So, I mostly ignore that now that I’m no longer in primary school. (Though I did ask my great grandma once if she was a pilgrim. Because I was fresh out of my kindergarten paper hat and pilgrim bib-collar making lessons, and she was the oldest person I knew. I remember her giggling for a really long time about that.)

I’m also not wild about the fact that the holiday dedicated to giving thanks has turned into shopapalooza for black Friday deals. We don’t even get done taking our tryptophan induced-naps before the retail deals start flooding in. I don’t do the whole Black Friday thing.  I don’t really do many Christmas gifts. I make fudge and candy and parse that out to friends and loved ones. I write a newsletter and send it out instead of holiday cards. I hand make a lot of gifts, or I buy things that were hand made.   That’s because I don’t like to buy stuff people don’t want or need, and I don’t like to spend money I don’t have.

I fully proscribe to the concept that being happy with what you have is far easier than seeking solace in more stuff.  It doesn’t stop me from wanting things, or buying things. But it does stop me from driving myself crazy with it.

I was considering listing all of the things I’m grateful for, blah blah blah. But half of those will sound cliche, and the other half will sound like humblebrags.  Like everyone else, I have areas of my life that could use improvement – reduce stress over here, cultivate healthier habits over there.  The truth is though, that almost everything in my life is right where I want it to be. If it’s not already just about right, it’s at least headed in that direction.

I am grateful.



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