Paths of Discovery

A few days ago, I created the following survey (and I expect I’ll leave it going for some time). The goal is to chase down the question of how you discover new authors to read. What inspires you to try a new book?

To me, this opens up a larger question about our various paths to discovery. How do we meet new people? How do we find bloggers we appreciate checking in on? How do we discover new things at all?

Our lives are a process of ongoing discovery.  We discover flavors we like and don’t like. We discover that we have a favorite color, simply because someone has asked us what is might be.

Characters similarly have to trek through their worlds, tripping over discoveries. They can’t know everything at the onset, or the reader will have no progress to follow.

So I ask you – how do you chase the white rabbit? What leads you to discover new things. Is it hypertext? Is it word of mouth?  Is it a recommendation by someone you trust? Or is it just a pretty picture on pinterest that made you smile?

I’m exploring discovery…. let me know what led you here, what leads you where you’re clicking next?


2 thoughts on “Paths of Discovery

  1. I find new blogs by searching for tags I care about. New books through friends and bloggers and good reads. Music thought Pandora radio. TV shows through word of mouth. Movies through advertising. One problem with technology is that we can too easily limit our intake of new things to regurgitations of things we already know we like.

    • I find it interesting how people filter and limit discovery, and then how we go about seeking out new things. I’m probably going to be ruminating on this one for a while. 🙂

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