Mission: Blazing my own trail

I’m thinking again about my mission, and about the last few posts where I’ve railed against the fact that there is no job description or clear set of expectations defined for the wanna-be writer.

I’ve settled into a certain wary peace with that fact. The other day a fellow writer sent me the link to the late Michael Crichton‘s website, and the following excerpt:

Everybody comes to it a different way. And the truth is that everybody has to find their own way. This is a business that demands aggressiveness and individual get-up-and-go. So in the end you’ll have to do what I did, and everybody else you can think of did. Figure it out for yourself and make it happen.

However, I will say this: the first step is to stop asking for advice.

So, I’ve stopped asking for advice.

Here’s what I know – what I can do – without asking for advice:

  • I know what I’m passionate about and interested in enough to blog about it every day
  • I know which stories keep me up at night demanding to be told
  • I know what I like to read, and what the genres out there already hold
  • I know how to create a brand online and how to use a carefully authentic voice
  • I know how to get my blog to rank in search engines

Be on the lookout for the goals I set for myself in 2013. They aren’t going to be anything like what the conflicting messengers suggest.


What do you think?

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