December’s checklist

Yesterday, I mentioned that I spend a good bit of time during this time of year reassessing my goals and working on my New Year’s Resolutions.  I do have a few close friends and family that I buy gifts for, but generally I make cookies and candies and consumable treats.   The other thing I do every year is write a holiday newsletter.

A few years ago, I agonized over the enormity of my Christmas card list. All of the family members, the friends. It was mammoth. I like to put personal notes in each one. I like to have a little fun with them. The task had grown unwieldy.

I threw around the idea of a holiday newsletter, and I liked the concept. The problem was that I felt like I was “letting myself off easy” in some ways. That it was lazy to do the work once and be done with it.   I also knew it was sort of chintzy and cheap to get a PDF in the mail instead of a careful card with embossed edges and glitter and whatnot.  And I couldn’t help but think that an emailed newsletter was a little tacky.

Full of self-mockery, my Holiday newsletter was dubbed “Lazy, Cheap, and Tacky” and is celebrating it’s 5th year in circulation.  It grows a few pages each year from 4 pages to 6 in the past few years. I expect, with the wedding, that this year’s might top as many as 8 pages to make room for photos.   I’ll be taking a break from writing (the current WIP is the Maaneshin graphic novel script) to draft up this full-color spread of our family’s year of goofiness.  It’s always a good time.

So, here’s the checklist:

  • Finish mailing thank you notes by December 1st
  • Finish making my own gift list so people know what to get for me!
  • Make Ninjabread men for Ethan to help me decorate as part of gift packages
  • Get wedding photos for LCT
  • Write articles for LCT – including annual interview with Ethan!
  • Make fudge, buckeyes – what other candy to make this year? Peppermint patties? Milk duds? Oreos?  (check Pinterest board)
  • Shopping for 2-3 gifts haven’t gotten yet
  • Assess 2012 accomplishments
  • Dream about where I want to be in 2014 or 2017
  • Set goals for 2013 to get there

What does your December to do list look like?



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